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Employee Benefits

Having an effective benefits and remuneration strategy  (such as a company pension scheme or private medical insurance scheme) that is clearly communicated and appreciated by your employees can really help you to retain and recruit high calibre employees.

Your Gemini Adviser will take the time to fully understand your business and how a cost effective strategy will dovetail with your business plans before making a recommendation. Your Adviser will provide you with advice from a range of product providers carefully selected and monitored by Gemini Wealth Management.

There are many areas where Gemini Wealth Management can help your business. For more information on how Gemini can help, call us FREE on 0800 255 0123 or [click here] for one of our advisers to contact you.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrifice arrangements - facilitating employee access to tax efficient benefits whilst at the same time reducing employers National Insurance costs.

For more information on Salary Sacrifice, call us FREE on 0800 255 0123 or [click here] for one of our advisers to contact you.


Medical advances now mean doctors are able to treat many more conditions but coping with the increased demand and expense is a growing problem for the NHS. Demand for coronary artery bypass surgery, joint replacements, and keyhole surgery is creating unprecedented pressure on the health service. Department of Health statistics show millions of people on waiting lists or waiting for an outpatient appointment.

The length of waiting lists is a strong incentive for employers to offer private medical insurance (PMI) and nearly seven million people in the UK already have it.

The big incentive for offering private health cover is that it provides a sense of security that if a covered employee becomes ill or needs an operation they can get treatment promptly and exercise choice (eg surgeon and hospital). Employee's family will also have the advantages of unrestricted visiting hours in a private room with a TV, and a choice of food.

Covered individuals may have to wait up to a year for what is termed a 'non-urgent' operation in the NHS, whereas covered individuals can have it within a few days if you have private medical insurance (PMI). Traditionally, doctors have recommended the NHS for severe illness and the private sector for non-urgent surgery such as hip replacements, varicose veins or hernias. But an increasing number of patients are now going private because of the increased waiting lists in what is considered 'urgent operations' such as heart surgery.

For more information on Private Medical Insurance, call us FREE on 0800 255 0123 or [click here] for one of our advisers to contact you.

Group Life Protection

Group Life, Income Protection and Critical Illness - these are important benefits that not only form a key part of a comprehensive employee benefits package but also enable you to manage your business more effectively by:

  • Providing you with the means to financially support your employees/their families at a particularly difficult time.
  • Allowing you to recruit temporary employees.
  • Providing access to a range of rehabilitation services, employee assistance programmes and absence management services that assist you to meet your statutory obligations and manage your employee absence more effectively.

For more information on Group Life protection, call us FREE on 0800 255 0123 or [click here] for one of our advisers to contact you.

Income Protection

Income protection insurance, sometimes known as permanent health insurance, or PHI cover, provides protection against being unable to work as a result of serious illness or disability. It is generally taken out to provide cover for the remainder of an employees working life.

It needn't cost as much as you may imagine, as you have to take into account other income the employee may receive if they were unable to work, usually in the form of state benefits and other employer's arrangements, for payment of salary for a period, then perhaps a company pension scheme providing an ill health pension.

If a year's salary can be expected, the policy can have a waiting period of one year, during which time no benefits are payable, and this substantially reduces the premium.

For more information on Income Protection, call us FREE on 0800 255 0123 or [click here] for one of our advisers to contact you.

Critical Illness

Many people believe Critical Illness is something that happens to someone we know and not to us! And so life cover becomes the prime objective for protection for most individuals we meet. But did you know that you are 5 times more likely to contract a Critical Illness than you are to unexpectedly die?

Not only is a Critical Illness more likely to occur, it's also more likely to have a greater detrimental financial effect on the family. If someone dies life cover is there to payout immediately, repay debts and also generate capital instead of, or as well as, income. But when a Critical Illness occurs, without protection in place, your employee's liabilities and day - to - day expenditure will still need to be met but without any income - how would your employees or their family manage? What effect could that have on your business?

For more information on Critical Illness protection, call us FREE on 0800 255 0123 or [click here] for one of our advisers to contact you.

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