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Gemini Wealth Management provides professional unbiased; financial products advice, financial planning, investment and tax efficiency advice to both private individuals and businesses. As a firm of Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority , Gemini's fully qualified and accredited financial advisers will provide the most effective financial advice to meet your own unique requirements.


Personal Finance

Our expert wealth managers will help you make more of your money and will provide; tax efficiency advice, private individual wealth management and financial products advice to help you plan for your financial future.

Investment Planning

Your personal adviser at Gemini will give you private individual wealth management advice and develop creative solutions for maximising your wealth. This may include; offshore asset protection advice; capital allowance tax advice and general tax efficiency advice, as well as investment trusts and wealth protection guidance. After establishing the correct strategy for you, Gemini can also provide a regular 90 day financial review that will provide you with all the information you need to help you keep track of your portfolio. Visit our Investment Planning and Financial Products Advice page.

Retirement Planning

It pays to plan ahead for retirement and to regularly re-examine your investment choices. If you don't have a pension or if you have a company pension, personal pension, stakeholder pension or service pension you need to consider how well these and your other investments will work together to provide for your retirement. Gemini will provide personal pension and investment advice as well as tax efficiency advice to give you the best financial planning for retirement. Visit our Retirement Planning page.

Income Drawdown

Income Drawdown is a facility that allows individuals to continue to keep their retirement savings invested whilst also taking an income each year, rather than buying an annuity. The benefit of doing this is that the individual is able to choose to purchase the pension at the time when pension (annuity) rates are favourable. This option may not be suitable for everyone and will depend on your individual circumstances. This type of pension arrangement can be considered higher risk than a traditional pension arrangement. Visit our Income Drawdown page.

Will Writing

Wills can be daunting but if you don't have a will it is possible that:

  • the government will take far more money away
  • your relatives will decide what to do with your estate
  • your dependents may miss out
  • your wishes may not be taken into account

Prudent private individual wealth management involves having a will. Even if you are single but especially if you are married, in a straight or gay relationship, a carer, if your circumstances change due to having children or grandchildren, divorce, illness, bereavement, approaching retirement, a change in your finances or being a company director or owner. Visit our dedicated Estate Planning website.

Inheritance Tax Efficiency Advice

Inheritance Tax thresholds now trap millions of people in the UK and not just the super rich. With expert inheritance tax planning advice and an effective Will your Inheritance Tax liability can be legally reduced or even avoided altogether. Gemini advisers provide tax efficiency advice which can help reduce or in some cases eliminate your IHT liability. Visit our Inheritance Tax Efficiency Advice page.

Long Term Care

Long term care is needed when a person becomes ill or suffers a disability that makes them unable to carry out their activities of daily living, with the probability that this disability will continue over the long term. This also includes long term elderly care. In most cases in the UK this is not covered by Private Medical Insurance and if you need long term care, then you will probably have to pay for it or contribute towards it. How you fund your long term care involves complex financial decisions and deciding on what provider to use is not easy. Gemini Wealth Management advisers specialise in guiding you to the right solution for you. Visit our Long Term Care page.

Gemini Mortgages

With in depth knowledge of the UK Financial Services Industry, financial planning and mortgages, Gemini can provide independent mortgage advice across the whole UK market place. We are fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and you can have confidence knowing every Gemini adviser carries the required Financial Qualification and will provide the very best financial mortgage advice. Visit our dedicated mortgage website Gemini Mortgages.

General Insurance

Gemini Wealth Management can provide Buildings & Contents Insurance that is tailored to meet your individual needs. Typically mortgage lenders try and sell their insurance products when offering a mortgage deal but it is important to know that the cover you are paying for is enough to cover your needs but not excessive. Gemini will give you independent financial products advice to best match your situation. Visit our General Insurance page.

Protection Insurance

Personal protection relates to classes of insurance protection covering your person in one way or another. One of the most common forms of protection insurance in the UK is Life Assurance, which pays out in the event of death. Variations include; Term Assurance; Whole of Life Cover; Mortgage Protection. Critical Illness cover provides a lump sum, or an income in the event of serious illness or disability. Variations include; Income Policy Protection; Earnings Protection Plan; Income Plan Protection; School Fee Protection; Permanent Health Insurance. Private Medical Insurance (PMI) plans are widely available but each has varying degrees of cover depending on whether your will use it exclusively or only when the NHS is unable to provide the required levels of service. Visit our Protection Insurance page.

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